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School of Nursing
JBI Matters Aug 2014

Dear all


This month we have an important notification to all of our stakeholders (including members), JBI Matters will no longer be sent by email to our stakeholders groups. Instead, all stakeholders will be requested to access the newsletter via the link to our online issue at  or join the JBI Stakeholders LinkedIn Group.  We also have a message from our Executive Director inviting all stakeholders to be part of our new LinkedIn Group and hope that you will connect with us through this professional networking platform.

The August 2014 issue of JBI Matters is now online


The newsletter is now available via the new JBI Stakeholders LinkedIn Group, which you can access by becoming a LinkedIn member.



Dear valued JBI stakeholder,


If you are receiving this email communication it is because you have engaged with the Joanna Briggs Institute as a member, student or collaborator.  Maintaining contact with our constituency is important to us as an organization and vital to the ongoing success of our collaborative project.  Understanding your needs and concerns helps us to create information, tools and services that will be of value to you and enhance the work of the JBI.   Historically we have done this in a variety of ways, but today we are launching a new strategy to ensure we can effectively "link" with end users and maintain links that are up to date in a sustainable way.  


It is our great pleasure to invite you to join us on our new LinkedIn page, Joanna Briggs Institute Stakeholders.  Within this group, there are also two 'subgroups' (JBI Students and JBI Alumni) and we invite you to join any that apply to you.  However, if you are not a member of a subgroup you will still be able to link with us via the public site and receive regular communications from us.  Here you will find JBI Matters, our regular IT Newsletter, and other important, strategic communications relevant to your interactions with us.  We also encourage you to participate in discussion boards and provide us with feedback.  


Connect, collaborate, contribute and communicate with JBI Stakeholders from all over the world with an interest in the translation of the best available research evidence to inform decision making at the point of care.  Simply join LinkedIn and create your profile if you do not have one already and search for Joanna Briggs Institute Stakeholders.  You will find relevant subgroups to the right hand side of the screen.  In addition to actively finding and joining our new linked-in site, we will also be sending email invitations to join different sub-groups as appropriate. 


We look forward to linking with you for better evidence and better outcomes.



Prof Lyle Palmer

Executive Director

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